Effective Counseling Secrets

This course is for the expert who loves to Guide & Transform people’s lives. Who believes that there is a solution for everything, who helps an individual to understand themselves. The one who is having good experience of

his / her life & ready to share and guide people for the same. This course is for the person who is a good listener and can counsel people with passion.

In this course, there are various secrets to tackle confusion or challenges about career planning, Relationship, Education & Personal Growth, Let’s First understand about career.

In today’s Competitive world almost every Parent & Student are confused about career, As nowadays no one can say which career is going to be sustainable & long-lasting as careers are changing rapidly, Everyone is hunting for a successful & sustainable career but the traditional way of selecting a career is no longer applicable today.

So what is the solution?

After completing this course which includes the secrets behind brain development & Career selection, The science behind career selection, and The difference between traditional & modern ways of career selection, You will be able to provide the solution to every individual for their right career.

Having a successful relationship is always a dream for everyone, either a father and a child, mother and a child, couples, brother – sisters or friends, all need strong relationships but some time due to small misunderstanding relationships goes through tough times, To overcome to all those misunderstandings, To guide people to understand themselves & others is the key role to play. so with the help of this course, you will be able to play that special role in people’s lives & spread happiness. 

Choosing the right education according to their Brain function, Inborn capabilities & Personality style is significant for every individual but there are very few mentors who can guide you at such a level, After learning & experiencing the secrets of this course you will become a Mentor who can guide people for their true path and under your guidance one can achieve the desired success of their life.

When it comes to Personal Growth & Development one hunts for the real Mentor who can guide him/her, Who can make him aware of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. After this course, you can become that Powerful Mentor. 

Learning Outcomes

You Will Learn

1) How to do Career Counseling

2) How to do Relationship counseling

3) Various stages of Brain development

4) Different Personality Styles

5) Different Learning Styles

You will be able to guide for

1) Personal Growth & Development

2) Right Education

3) Right Extra-Curricular Activities & Skills

4) Right Profession or Job

You will be able to

1) Open your own counseling Center

2) Earn Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 as a passive income part-time. (depends on your marketing & helping skills)